Stay Classy Slide Sockhop v2 / by Matt Pham

This was the first drifting event I attended with the new camera (D800) and was testing out a new camera bag. This event was the most fun I had at any event so far. All the drifters were putting their best effort!

Once I get some solid shots, I tend to swap out lenses. Play around with different focal lengths and shutter speeds. It keeps me on my toes and prevents me from getting "bored" of things. Here is an example of putting the 50mm to use.

Along with the drifting, there were also all kinds of cool cars just hanging out. 

There was so many other photographers out there, it got pretty crowded at one point. We managed to work around it each other as best as possible.

The action got really intense as the day went on. How intense you may ask? In your face intense! This was plenty close enough for me.

It's hard for me to express how much fun I had at this event. Everyone was there for the same reason, some grassroots fun. I'm looking forward to see what happens at the next event. Until then see you next time!