Photographing Disney: The Essentials / by Matt Pham

Going to Disney World and don't know what to bring? I'm going to break down the items I feel is needed to photograph Disney World. It's going to be pretty general things, I'll do another post breaking down what to bring to each of the parks.

  1. Camera Bag: You'll want to have a nice sturdy bag to carry your things. I'm a fan of Lowepro bags, most of their bags come with a built in rain cover. Remember it's Florida, it's going to rain. You'll want to protect your gear from the elements. 
  2. Lenses: This is where things can get tricky since there are different type of lenses out there. For now, I just want to focus on the focal length of lenses. A lens like the 18-200mm will give you the versatility needed to cover your trip. Renting is also an option since not everyone can afford to spend that much on a lens.
  3. Memory Cards and Batteries: You'll want to have spares of both on hand. After a day at the park, you'll want to back up your photos. Don't risk putting your eggs all into one basket.  
  4. Tripod: If you plan on getting photos of the fireworks or sunrise/sets, a tripod is needed. Something sturdy and compact would be ideal. It can be a hassle to bring but can be worth it.
  5. Other Accessories: A remote to trigger you camera, filters for your lenses and a portable battery phone charger.The phone charger is worth every penny, especially if you are trying to maximize your time in the parks.
  6. Optional: Waterproof point and shoot or gopro, if you plan on heading to any of the water parks. That way you can still take pictures and not worry about getting it soaked.

That is my short check list of things to bring along. The posts of the parks will be more in depth with photos and tips.