A Magical Moment / by Matt Pham

I recently found myself missing Disney and started going through my archives browsing for photos to edit again. I went through and found a few to touch up, but I ended up gravitating to my favorite image. 

Nikon D90 85mm F2.8 1/640 ISO200

I've been to Epcot a countless number of times and never have come across a moment like this. I was just passing through while on my way to Japan for dinner. They were doing their usual poses,nothing really out the norm. Then Aladdin planted a kiss right on Jasmine's cheek! Talk about some serious fan service! It was truly magical, something that embodies what Disney is all about. The sad thing is that something like this may never happen again. Since Jasmine and Aladdin have been moved indoors. It's sad that they were moved inside, I always enjoyed seeing the characters while walking through the countries.