Round 4 2015 / by Matt Pham

With the 2015 drift season coming to a close, I decided to doing something special since this would be my last for the season. I wanted to rent a longer lens since the 70-200mm at times comes up short. I wanted a lens with a bit more reach on the track. I had one lens in mind and that was the new Nikon 200-500mm F5.6. So I went to my favorite place to rent photography gear and put in my rental. Everything went just fine...except for a few days later. I got a call a few days later that the lens I wanted didn't come back into time. But I was given two options, the Sigma 150-600mm Sport or the Nikon 200-400 F4. I choose the Nikon and was not prepared for the sheer size. That goes without saying, a monopod was packed for the day.

As a bonus, I took my GoPro and attached it on to the hotshoe of my camera. I got some footage of the drifting from my point of view. It's a view not often seen. I love that you can even hear the shutter even with the screeching of the tires and engines roaring as the cars go by.