F-Stop: Tilopa / by Matt Pham

Technically it's not a review but more of an initial impression. Let's get this out of the way, yes it did take a while for me to actually get the bag and ICU. Though I didn't have much communication issues like other have. They were responsive and upfront about things, I even got an offer for an ICU upgrade. My original order was for the Tilopa and large ICU, they offered to upgrade it to an XL ICU. Problem is that I actually ordered an XL ICU since I needed both. What they did was send the Tilopa and XL ICU since the large ICU was still on back order.

Since this was my first F Stop bag, I didn't know what to when it arrives. Everything was packed very well. I was surprised to see that my bag came in a bag! It's an elegant touch for something meant to be so rugged.

The reason I went with the Tilopa was because it hold a lot of gear and most importantly my latest addition of the 200-400mm F4. I also like the versatility the ICU system gives me. I could swap as needed. I hunted high and low for a bag that could hold what I needed, the results all pointed to the Tilopa. Not an overly massive bag but big enough to hold the biggest lens that I own.

While the bag hasn't been "field tested" yet, but so far everything has lived up to expectations. I need to hurry and recover from my ankle injury to really test this bag.