Returning back to Import Face Off / by Matt Pham

I've been going to IFO on and off the past couple years. It has been two years since I've been and it was nice to see how the car scene developed.

Aftermath of a drifting exhibition, the track it rough on tires. They don't last too long when drifting. I even got a chance to ride along and experience it first hand while drifting.

Where there are nice cars, models aren't too far behind. These were getting a glimpse of the cars getting ready to line up for a quarter mile pass.

Not too often you see a super car like this Lamborghini Gallardo doing some pulls.

There were a bunch of show cars, but the one show car that caught my eye. Wasn't much of a show car but a purpose built race car. The interior was stripped, rollcage and light racing seats. It also tugged at some of my heart strings. I have a soft spot for Honda hatchbacks.