Spring Drift Session / by Matt Pham

Spring has finally arrived and it's time to play again! After a long winter, it's time to get back to the track to drift.

I always love to see older come out and spend some time getting sideways. It's nice to see these iconic car come out to play. The AE86 is a car that a special place in my heart and Japanese classic.

Tires aren't the only causality at these events, cones are included in the mayhem.  There were a countless number of cones that were made roadkill. Most of them were eaten, spat out and launched in the air.

The Nissan 240sx will always be associated with the drift scene. But it's nice to see another Nissan family member get sideways. As prices begin to fall for older cars, I'm curious to see what will replace the 240sx as the cheap drift car. Could it be with 350Z?

Every event I have gone to, I have been in search of elusive shot. It has evaded me many times over years. But it all changed at this event, I finally got my tandem photo. Everything feel into place and came together.